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After School Clubs

Headcorn School offers a wide range of vibrant after school clubs and activities which all pupils are welcome to attend.

Some clubs are led by outside agencies, at a small cost to those wishing to attend. However the majority of our after school activities are led by Headcorn School staff and are free for pupils to take part in.

Below is a list of clubs that the school currently offers, please be aware that some of these clubs are seasonal and only take place in a particular term. Some clubs also offer the opportunity to play competitive games and matches against other local schools.

In addition to all of this, the school also offers some clubs during lunchtimes.

Winter Clubs - Terms 1,2,3 & 4

Club Leader Open to... Day
Hockey Mrs Collins 3,4,5,6  
Cookery Mrs Yu  4,5,6  
Choir Miss Symonds 2,3,4,5 & 6  
Tag Rugby Mr Peters 4,5,6  
Netball Miss Man and Mrs Stroud 5,6  
Netball Miss Man and Mrs Stroud 3,4  
Football Mr Peters 5,6  
Nature Mrs Fisher 1,2  
Football Mr Andrews 3,4  
History Miss Woodgate 3,4,5 & 6  
Recorders Mrs Hutchison 3,4,5,6  
Homework Mrs Randall 3,4,5,6  
School of Rock Mr Drury 5,6  

Summer Clubs - Terms 5 & 6

 Club Leader  Open to... Day
Athletics Mrs Collins and Mr Peters Key Stage Two Monday
Unihoc Mr Peters Key Stage Two Tuesday
Rounders Miss Mann Years 4,5,6 Wednesday
Nature Mrs Fisher  Years 1,2 Wednesday
Cricket Mrs Collins and Mr Peters   Key Stage Two Thursday
Multi-skills  Mrs Romano Years 1,2 Tuesday


Clubs Provided by Outside Agencies

 Club  Leader  Open to...  Day
Drama Mr Dyerball Key Stage Two Monday
Dance Starlight Dance Company Key Stage One Thursday